The following books were introduced to SMOF members by the Spiritual Book Committee. By clicking on the links below, you can read the book introduction. These books were made available for free during 2-3 months after members had received the book introduction by mail. After this period you may obtain these books (for a price) by ordering them from your local church or any Orthodox Christian Bookstore.

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By Dr. Nos'hi Abdel-Shaheed

The following book was written in Arabic By Dr. Abdel-Shaheed, and was published by "Beit Eltakrees", Cairo, Egypt, 2008. It has been translated into English by SMOF and is hereby published in a series of bimonthly parts.



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                    By Early Church Fathers

3- Orthodox Redemption Theology (Chapters 6 & 7 from Fr. Mathew the Poor’s book, “St. Paul the Apostle, His Life, Theology, and Works”

·       Redemption Theology part1(PDF)

·       Redemption Theology part2(htm)

·       Redemption Theology part3(htm)

·       Redemption Theology part4(htm)

·       Redemption Theology part5(htm)

·       Redemption Theology part6(htm)

·       Redemption Theology part7(htm)

·       CompletionOfRedemption part1(htm)

·       CompletionOfRedemption part2(htm)

4- The Bible and Science:

·       Part 1: 1- Does the Bible condemn Science, 2- Doesn’t Science Change…

·       Part 2: 3- History of the Relations Between Science and Church

·       Part 3: 3- History of the Relations Between Science and Church (continued)  



 1-   The following is a selection of articles from the book, "A Programmatic Study of the Liturgical Lectionaries of the Coptic Church" written in Arabic by Mr. Fouad N. Youssef, chief editor of "The Word of Life" magazine and translated into English by Dr. Geoege Ishak, executive member of the Fellowship.

 2-    From books 11-14 of "Light of Life: Series of Studies in the Word of God", By Dr.Gamil N. Soliman, 2nd President of St. Mark's Orthodox Fellowship (in Arabic)