Information about

Saint Mark's Orthodox Fellowship


Saint Mark's Orthodox Fellowship is a public-supported, tax-exempt religious corporation for the promotion of the Christian Orthodox faith. It was founded in Maryland in August 1992. The Canadian Chapter was founded in Ontario in November 1999.

1- The Founding Board of Directors of the Fellowship

+ Guirguis A. Ibrahim, Ph.D. + Gamil N. Soliman, Ph.D. + Fouad N. Youssef, B.S. Eng.

+ Nabil El-Shammaa, M.D. + Ramzy S. Labib, M.D., Ph.D. + Yousry Armanios, M.D.

+ Ibrahim S. Barsoum, Ph.D. + Fateen I. Moussa, B.S. Eng. + Raouf Edward, M.D.

2- The Committees of the Fellowship

1- The Bible Study Committee: (Dr. Guirguis Ibrahim)*, Dr. Gamil Soliman and Mr. Fouad Youssef.

2- The Spiritual Book Committee: Mr. Farid Mansour, Dr. Mounir Ibrahim, Dr. Ibrahim Barsoum and Mr. Fateen Moussa.

3- The Preaching Committee: (Dr. Nabil El-Shammaa)* and Mr. Fateen Moussa.

4- The Conferences Committee: Mr. Fouad Youssef, Mr. Girgis Girgis and Dr. Eva Ibrahim.

3- Tax Information

The Fellowship’s EIN number is 52-1862231, and it is tax exempt under section 501 (a) as an organization described in section 501 (c) (3), 509 (a) (1) and 170 (b) (1) (A) (vi). Its Ontario Corporation Number is 1380737.

4- The Executive Board of the Fellowship

1-     1- Amir Makaryus, Silver Spring, MD

2- Fayez Ateya, Burke, VA*

3-  Galal F. Youssef, West Windsor, NJ

4- Girgis F. Girgis, Herndon, VA

5- Hany Mosaad, Laurel, MD

6- Ihab M. Abdou, and Mary Labib Ellicott City, MD

7- Jacob Samaan, Burk, VA                      

8- Karim M. Hanna, Leesburg, VA

9-  Medhat W. Wahba: Crofton, MD

10- Michael Ibrahim, N. Brunswick, NJ

11- Mounir Habib, Odenton, MD

12- Nasr Fahmy, Damascus, MD

13- Paul Roufail, Nepean, ON

14-Sherif El-Sisi, Springfield, VA

15- George Ishak, Ottawa, ON

16-James Helmy, Boynton Bch., FL

17- Nabil Boulos, Ellicott City, MD

18- Salama & Teresa Salama, Ellicott City, MD

19- Romany Faheem, Richmond, VA

20- Ramez Rizkalla, Toronto, ON

21- Peter Kamel, Houston, TX

23- Moeness S. Wasfy, Cairo, Egypt

22- Nermine Sergius, Cairo, Egypt


24- Prof. Victor Fouad, Paris, France

      * Members that are reposed in the Lord at present.