1- What is Orthodoxy?

    a- Orthodoxy

    b- Eastern Orthodoxy

        (a, b are from World Council of Churches website)

    c - Oriental Orthodoxy (Brief review from different web sites)

    d - Oriental Orthodoxy (from World Council of Churches website)


2- Inter-Orthodox Dialog:

    a- From the Orthodox Unity website

    b- From Monachos.net, a website for the study of Orthodoxy through Patristic, Monastic & Liturgical studies. This is a Greek Orthodox oriented website, with interest in the Christological Controversies, posting articles from both sides.

    c- St. Andrew House: Center for Orthodox Christian Studies, A Pan Orthodox Institution Dedicated to Orthodox Unity. Most members are from Orthodox Church in America, Antiochian Orthodox Church, and Greek Orthodox Church.


3- Other Bible Study Resources:

    a- From Zeitun-eg.org (See Free Bible Programs for Windows)

    b- World Wide Study Bible (provided by Christian Ethereal Classics Library, at Calvin College. This is a Protestant oriented site. Most of what they call "Apocrypha" are books of the Old Testament which the Apostolic Churches [Orthodox and Catholic] call Deutero-Canonical Books [meaning second degree Canonical])

    c- Ancient Christian Commentary on Scriptures: An Orthodox website with links to other sites relevant to Bible Studies and Orthodoxy. It publishes Commentaries on the Books of the Bible based on writings of the Church Fathers.

    d- BIBLE.org: Mostly Protestant site posting extensive commentaries and studies on each of the Books of the Bible (does not include the Deuterocanonical Books so far).


4- About the Coptic Church:

   a- From Coptic.Net

   b- For current news and studies of the Coptic Church and Egypt, see Watani

   c- Coptic Monasteries: Monastery of St. Makarios