I ....... (insert "do" or "do not") like to receive your Newsletter and Short Notes on the Bible in .............. (insert Arabic, English or both) language(s).


1- NAME                    :


2- ADDRESS            :


3- E-MAIL ADDR.            :


4- KIND OF MEMBERSHIP: I like to participate in (circle one or more):

            A- ACTIVE:            1- Bible study (personal, family, with friends)

                                    2- Inviting friends to join the Fellowship

                                    3- Attend the conferences of the fellowship

                                    4- Obtain and read the Fellowship's spiritual books

                                    5- Write suggestions and comments to the Fellowship

                                    6- Pray for the success of the Fellowship's services

                                    7- Other (specify).............

B- SUPPORTIVE: Enclosed is my donation of $........ , OR I will send my donation later ….

(insert Yes or No; Please notice that the check, in U.S. $, should be made payable to Saint Mark's Orthodox Fellowship, and that your donation is tax-deductible).  Canadian Members may wish to send their donations in Canadian $ to St. Mark’s Orthodox Fellowship Canada Inc. at the following address:

SMOF Canada, Inc., 2160 Weston Ave., Suite 103, Toronto, ON, M9N 1X6  


5- PUBLIC LISTING: I give permission to the Fellowship to include my name and my address ......(Yes or No) in its public list that will be shared with other members. I understand that this list is intended to promote better communications between the members of the Fellowship and to help us work together to invite others to join the Fellowship or use its publications.


6- BOOK ORDER: Please send me …….. copies of the “Christian Creed: Dogma and Life” in Arabic.  Enclosed is a check for $…….. ($4 X number if less than 5; $3.5 X number if less than 10; $3 X number if 10 or more) to cover its expenses. [Be sure to include at least your name and address (items # 1 and 2 above), see addresses in 4B above].  Please, allow 1 month for shipment.




7 - TELEPHONE            :

8 - OCCUPATION         :


10 - CHURCH                        :


11- COMMENTS            :





Please, print, fill and mail to SMOF, PO BOX 6192, Columbia, MD 21045, OR copy, paste, fill, and e-mail to <>. You may write names and addresses of other people that want to receive SMOF newsletter packages by mail in the COMMENTS section, OR you may give this form to others to invite them to SMOF membership.