St. Mark's Orthodox Fellowship Canada

13 th. Annual Christian Orthodox Unity Conference


 The redemption and salvation of humanity

 from an Orthodox perspective



 August 27  ( 11 AM to 3 PM )

 August 28  ( 2 PM to 5 PM ) 2016  

 St. Mary Armenian Apostolic Church


Join us for an exploration of Christ's work of the redemption and salvation of humanity, from an Orthodox perspective.

The annual  unity conference this year is hosted by :


St. Mary Armenian Apostolic Church

[ Victoria Park & 401 ]

45 Hallcrown  Place, North York, ON M2J 4Y4

Phone: (416) 493-8122.


We hope to discuss some of the following imperative theological questions:

-     How do we understand Christ's death on the cross?

 as Orthodox and according to the early church tradition

- Did Christ "pay the price of our sins" (i.e. atonement)? If so, to whom? If not, why would He have to die?

- How is "sin" to be understood, as a legal reality or an ontological truth? How does this affect our understanding of the incarnation?

- Can one make sense of biblical phraseology (i.e. ransom, exchange, sacrifice, etc.) in the absence of penal substitionary theory?

- Why does any of this matter?


The speakers include :

1. Dr. George Habib Bebawi, Director Emeritus of the Institute for Orthodox Christian Studies at the University of Cambridge, UK

2. Pr. Richard Schneider, Program Co-Director of the Orthodox School of Theology at Trinity College, University of Toronto

3. Bavly Kost, MA. Almnus, St. Vladimir's Orthodox Theological Seminary


 Conference is free of charges. No prior registration is required.


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Looking forwards to see you in the conference.